Recipients shall be selected using the following criteria in no particular order of preference:

  • Scholastic record;
  • The need of the individual to obtain financial assistance;
  • The moral character of the student and reputation for honesty, integrity and firmness of intention to complete an education;
  • The ability of a student to use time productively, both in and outside the school setting; and
  • The reputation of the student in the community in which they reside and evidence of character traits which would indicate to the Committee that the furtherance of education is in the best interest of the student and of society in general.
  • Full time students must enroll in a program at an accredited college, university, technical or trade school.
  • Grant payments will be made directly to the educational institution and applied to expenses directly related to education as long as the student remains in good standing and is enrolled full time. Any unused portion of the award shall be returned to the Foundation.
  • Awards are for a one year period. A renewal application is required for each new school year, for a maximum of five years.
  • The recipient must complete, sign and return to the Foundation a Leo Adler Scholarship Information form, which is provided with the award letter.
  • The recipient must be enrolled in and complete at least 12 credit hours per term/semester (9 credit hours for graduate students) AND have maintained a 2.0 GPA each term/semester. Failure to do so will result in the denial of the following academic year’s renewal application.
  • Applications are completed online and must be submitted by April 1.
  • Please ensure you use an email for your user name that you can keep (not a company or college email) and save your password very carefully. All your information is saved under this username and updates are sent to this email. We can’t recover your password or information if you misplace this information.


Leo Adler Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who is eligible for a Leo Adler Scholarship?
A. Graduates of North Powder High School, Union County, Oregon and of all the high schools located in Baker County, Oregon who at the time of their graduation are residents of Baker County or attend North Powder High School.  In addition, the trustee is authorized to make scholarships grants to recipients of general equivalency diplomas (GED’s) issued by a duly accredited institution in Oregon, provided that the recipient is a resident of North Powder School District or Baker County at the time of receiving the diploma.


Q2. Where do I get an application?
A. Click here for the applications page


Q3. How do I submit my application?
A. You must start with your email for your username. Please choose a generic email where you can receive information because all applications are stored under this name, including renewals. Please store your password carefully, we cannot recover it if lost. Applications must be submitted online between January and April (exact dates tdb each year).


Q4. How long am I eligible to receive a Leo Adler Scholarship?
A. A Student is eligible for a total of up to 15 terms or 10 semesters.


Q5. If my application is submitted late, do I still have a chance to receive a scholarship?
A. No.


Q6. Can I submit an application any other time during the year?
A. No. You must submit an application between January and April (Exact date tbd each year).


Q7. Will I be notified when my application is received?
A. Yes an email will be sent letting you know your application has been submitted online. You cannot submit an incomplete application.


Q8. I heard there is an essay required. What should I write?

A. The essay gives you a chance to introduce yourself to the committee and tell us what makes you special. Let your personality and achievements shine through and make yourself memorable and unique.


Q9. What is the average amount of an Adler Award?
A. Award amounts vary from year to year based upon the number of students applying, the market value of the Trust as of the end of each fiscal year, as well as the applicants financial need, grade history, type of school, etc.


Q10. Should I apply for a scholarship other that the Leo Adler award?
A. Yes. The Leo Adler Scholarship is just one of many worthy scholarships available. You should apply for all scholarships you feel you are entitled to apply for and those in which you meet the applicable criteria. Students may receive scholarships or awards that total in excess of educational expenses. If that occurs, the Leo Adler award may be reduced accordingly.


Q11. What is the purpose of the financial information requested on the application?
A. Financial need is one of the criteria the Committee considers. Financial information is necessary for verification of need.


Q12. What criteria does the Committee use to judge applications?
A. Applicants must meet all five (5) of the following criteria: graduate from Powder Valley High School or a high school in Baker County or have acquired a GED certificate from an educational institution in Baker County, Oregon (GED recipients will not be awarded a scholarship unless they document substantial educational and other ties to Baker County/Powder Valley educational institutions prior to application); enroll and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per term or semester (9 for graduate students) and work toward a degree or an academic award or certificate at an accredited college, university, technical or vocational school; have achieved a cumulative high school GPA of 2.0 or better or have achieved a cumulative collegiate GPA of 2.0 or better; have need for financial assistance in obtaining further education; have good moral character and demonstrate good citizenship and respect for the law.


Q13. Should I apply if my family has substantial financial assets?
A. Yes, financial need is only one of the criteria the Committee considers.


Q14. Why must I report the scholarships and awards I have received other than Adler?
A. It is necessary to monitor total awards to confirm that a Leo Adler Scholarship falls within the Foundation guidelines. Reduction of an Adler award resulting from receipt of scholarships in excess of educational expenses will provide funds for additional qualified applicants.


Q15. How will I be notified if I receive a scholarship?

A. You will receive an email to the email address you used as a username on the electronic application.


Q16. What do I do after I receive a scholarship?

A. When you receive this email you MUST accept the award and submit your college of choice. The deadline to submit your college of choice is August 31st.


Q17. When are funds sent to my school?
A. Funds will be sent to your school in the fall upon receipt of your acceptance letter and college of choice form, online.


Q18. What happens if I get to college and my scholarship money has not been received by my school?
A. Make certain that you have provided the online acceptance letter and choice of school. Funds will not be sent until this information has been received. You will not be contacted to provide this information.


Q19. I am enrolled in less than 12 credit hours. Am I still eligible?
A. Undergraduates must enroll in at least 12 credit hours AND complete all 12 credits each term/semester. Graduate students must enroll and complete at least 9 credits each term/semester.


Q20. What happens to my scholarship if I fail a class or withdraw from a class?
A. Because your entire scholarship is sent at the beginning of your academic year, it is your responsibility to maintain a 2.0 GPA or above and complete 12 credit hours or more. If you fail or withdraw from a class and it brings your total credit hours earned below 12 credit hours, your school will send a refund to the Foundation, per instructions to the school from the Foundation. If they don’t, you may not qualify for an award the following academic year.


Q21. What are my responsibilities after I receive my award?
A. When you receive the award you MUST accept it online. This certifies to the Committee that you accept the terms and conditions of the award. You must maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete at least 12 credit hours each term or semester (9 for graduate students).


Q22. What if I decide to attend a different school?
A.You must notify the Foundation in writing and include proof of registration for the new school. You must notify the financial aid office of your former school to return the funds, funds must be received before a new check will be issued for the new school. Your award amount is based on your original institution.


Q23.What if I decide to take time off from school?
A. Awards are sent to your school at the beginning of the academic year. If a student elects to withdraw from school for a period of time, you must send a written explanation to the Committee. Upon failure to enroll in school, the funds are returned to the Foundation by the school. Your eligibility for unused funds will depend upon the time and circumstances of your withdrawal.


Q24. If I received an award for the first time but never used it, do I apply as a first time applicant or a renewal applicant?
A. Regardless of whether you have used your award, once you have applied using the First Time application, you will always use the Renewal application to apply.


Q25. Is there any assistance for part-time students?
A. Yes. Assistance is available for part-time students only if they are attending BMCC or EOU, Baker City campuses. Applications are available through those campuses only and must be reviewed by a counselor. Part-time applications can be submitted twice yearly and must be post-marked or delivered to those campuses by April 1 or September 1.


Q26. If I have questions, who do I contact?
A. Please email the Adler Foundation


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