Leo Adler Foundation Scholarships

The primary purpose of the Scholarship Fund shall be the furtherance of higher education, trades and other vocations of worthy graduates of North Powder High School, Union County, Oregon and of all the high schools located in Baker County, Oregon who at the time of their graduation are residents of Baker County or attend North Powder High School.

In addition, the trustee is authorized to make scholarships grants to recipients of general equivalency diplomas (GED’s) issued by a duly accredited institution in Oregon, provided that the recipient is a resident of North Powder School District or Baker County at the time of receiving the diploma.

Leo’s generosity has assisted numerous students obtain both their undergraduate and graduate degrees from schools throughout the country.

The Adler Foundation Provides Scholarships and Community Grants

The Leo Adler House Museum
The Leo Adler House Museum
A community grant was awarded to the Baker County Historical Society to renovate the Adler family home. It was accomplished over 4 years and is open for tours during the summer months.
Leo Adler Foundation Scholarships
Leo Adler Foundation Scholarships
Leo Adler was a firm believer in the importance of education. Leo did not intend for scholarships to be given based on one given criteria but a broad range of qualities and needs. Leo’s generosity has assisted numerous students obtain both their undergraduate and graduate degrees from schools throughout the country.

Community Grants

Leo Adler's gift to our community represents unimaginable generosity. He bequeathed his gift to us because of his intense love for this community, a love he demonstrated throughout his life. If we all do our jobs well, Leo's Legacy will result in accomplishments that will benefit Baker County and North Powder forever. Leo deserves no less. Congratulations to all the Community Grant recipients!

Success Stories

In our continuing commitment to the community, we will be updating this section with follow-up stories on scholarship winners and the progress of community grant awards projects. Check back for Success stories. If you would like to be featured on our page, please email the Leo Adler Foundation at LeoAdler@firstrepublic.com

Scholarship Applications open February 1 and close
April 1 at midnight!

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December 2020: A new Chapter for the Leo Adler Foundation

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The Leo Adler Foundation is thinking about each one of the students who along with all of us are adjusting to the challenges related to the corona virus, COVID-19.

We are doing our best to stay informed and are making decisions to support all the students and have decided to extend the deadline to apply to 4/3/2020 to allow for some extra time to complete a scholarship application.

The application will close at midnight MST on 4/3/2020.

Community Grant Applications
are now open!

Only complete applications are accepted.

Please note the new deadline of 9/1/18